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Sklep z częściami do Renault - sprawdź


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  1. This topic will never die (Until I am dead! So I hope I can manage another 50-60 years or so:)) Well fisrt the answer: White wheels are Gran Turismo rim from OZ! Second: I would like to congratulate your forum as you have 25000 subscribers. Yep, Poland has 20 times more inhabitants than Slovenia. And I see that you also like Renaults in Poland! Third: I enjoy rading my 4 yeras old posts, so I can see that I am doing exactly as said before. Now I have bought Laguna coupe GT, so Megane is used as a second car for city tours:). Megane has 182.000 km from which 150.000 with chip tuning and all that went wrong is dead clutch, extra torque did it's job. So I changed it for 400 and that is it! Well Laguna is the best car ever, 4 control does its job. You can see more pictures here: PS: And here is my onboard video, so you can see 4 control in motion: And one "race" with friends Clio RS:
  2. Little late but stil better than never: Merry Christmas and a happy new year from Slovenian Megane forum! We have recently changed the address and it is now so you are welcome to visit us and join our debate:). And yes now we are not building Clios anymore in Slovenia but we are making the new Twingos:).
  3. Merry Christmas and a happy new year. And of course many happily driven kilometers with your Megane, whishes you Megane forum Slovenia!
  4. How is the weather looking up there? Will we have brown christmas again? Santa I wish snow for christmas:)
  5. I can belive that GY 7 are the best:) No panik about bad English or even Polish greetings (I will learn something:)). So you also don't have a law to drive with your lights on during the day? We have both laws for this and I think they are very good!
  6. Hello, Is there also law that you have to change summer tyres to winter tyres at 15.11.? I have to change them this weak:) Which tyres do you use? I have Micheline Alpin A2 and I am very satisfied with them:).
  7. We won again:) Renault RULZ!!! (We all spend a little money for Renault team with purchase of our Renaults:) ) Probably some of you chear for Kubica, but the Renault team was too good:).
  8. We did not understand us well. The computer is exact maybe +-0,1 l per tank but if you use chip tuning or module like me, then the computer shows up to -5 l per tank. That is in a rang of 10% error which you have to count on later when refueling.
  9. That are just the rumors:) If this would be true than we have perpetomobile, we just tune to 1000 HP and the car won't consume fuel anymore:), hehe. For my style of drive the consumption went up for 0,5 l/100 km from 6.0 to 6.5 l/100 km. And the second thing is that the computer is not showing the exact value of the consumed fuel, that is why some people think that fuel consumption is lower:).
  10. Not at all it's grabing like new:). I heard that you can tune the new engine with a chip from 130 to 160 HP! And laguna 2.0 dci from 170 to 205 HP, this will be my next Megane engine:) Ina a few years, hehe.
  11. I have a module inside 1.9 dci 145 HP:). Its like chip but you can take it out, but you can tune maximum for 25% instead of chiptuning where you can tune up to 30%.
  12. No I havent but Colin Mcrea did:)! Those rims are used in 70% in Rally due to 16 legs:) but in WRC they have the same shape but different mixtures, they have them made out of Magnesium:) But in Slovenia many cars race on this rims:).
  13. Bor and you forgot to mention that there are three more Meganes in my girlfriends family:). And one in yours girlfriend family, hehe. That is the main point, you don't need to worry about mistakes, because we are not Englishmen, that is for us secoond language:) so we will understand eachother, hehe. About white alu rims, I am selling them for 170 but they are not as white as they were at the beginning:(. The varnish becomes yellow i think because of the sun:(. But you can drive for 80 km on them without tyre:).
  14. Lewy, you are right. That was love on the first sight! Fuego burned me with Renault flames and then yellow megane saved my life (4 stars in crash test) if you haven't seen crashed pictures:(. So I did him a favour and bought his son white Megane who served me well for 5 years and 130k km! Then I bought his doughter I cal Megy:) she will stay with me for a while (I hope!) If i get another car she will be for second (city) car:). That is my Megane family story, hehe. Hm, yes, maybe I am crazy, hehe.
  15. Hi there, As DrNo said Megane is realy connecting people:) My name is Oki and I am coming from Slovenian Megane forum . I think our forums can be a small brotherhood:) connecting two countries with one French masterpiece - Megane. I will show you my best pictures from my three Renault Meganes:) For all the other pictures visit this link: All pictures of my Meganes! Yellow: l.99 White: l.00 Megy: l.03 Megane Rulz!
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